Telegram bot framework

#bot#python#telegram::alemi::2020-11-10 18:10

Telegram bot framework

I like Telegram because it allows me to deeply automate actions very easily. I developed some tools to make it more convenient for me to deploy bots.

This eventually became the base for other people's projects, so I invested time in making it easily deployable to Heroku when it still had a free tier.

It has a dockerfile and should still be runnable on most PaaS.

source code


I find Wordle pretty fun but I'm incredibly bad at it. English is not my first language so my dictionary isn't super complete. I also wanted to be able to play together, not just compare afterwards. So I made myself a bot to be able to play multiple times a day without word limit and with friends. @multiwordle_bot can be added to groups and played together. Who can find the word first? It will track your attempts and give you the word definition once you're done. You can still enforce an attempts limit or make the match private. Check all options with /help wordle



I never really understood the reason for whisper bots: can't you just send a DM? Why do you need to flex to everyone that you send a whisper just to that somebody? So I made the opposite: @revWhisperBot. It allows you to send, via inline, a message hidden from just some people.



I like quizzes from now and then, and I wanted to make a simple bot myself. I made this bot to play with friends in groups, revive conversations or laugh about impossible questions. All quiz parameters can be specified, and correct/wrong answers are tracked for each quiz. Powered by