4| Values

::2024-05-02 18:53

I'f you reached this far be warned: these are my personal beliefs

I want to share these so that I can be kept accountable, but also to provide context to my ideas

My most felt values are fairness and respect, and I always consider the effect of my actions on others.

If I made you uncomfortable or unhappy, please let me know! I'm always trying to improve myself.

I am progressive and believe in individual freedom. I know that anyone could be dealing with struggles, and try to understand others before forming opinions.

I believe everyone should have bodily autonomy, which means both access to abortions and self-determination of gender.

There should no preferable marriage: who you live with is just your choice and every relationship should have access to the same rights.

I am aware of discriminating stereotypical tropes endemic in our culture and always try to express myself in ways respectful of everyone.

I realize the privilege coming from my skin color, and I know that almost every civilization was built and improved by migrants.

I oppose the patriarchal system and try to be a feminist, while continuing to educate myself more on the matter.

I hate consumerism and try to buy used. I learned to repair and try to keep my stuff alive as long as possible.

I care for the environment surrounding me: I try to leave every place I visit a little better than how I found it.

I despise waste in every form: food, water, energy, resources.

I believe in climate change and am terrorized about its impacts.

I hate cars and car-centric cities, even electric cars are a weak compromise and would rather see more trains.