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::2024-03-13 18:47

I'm a software engineer, a tinkerer and a problem solver. I started developing ang maintaining my first software project in 2019, but I have been messing with computers since way before that!

Concurrent Programming Distribuited Systems Socket Programming Kernel Development Data Structures and Algorithms Solution Architect Cybersecurity Continuous Integration DevOps Microservices Deep Learning Machine Learning Cloud services Full Stack

I am constantly trying to improve my skills, learn new techniques and paradigms. Thanks to my curiosity, I could develop my experience in various IT fields: be it Machine Learning, Embedded Development, Backend, Cyber Security or Distribuited Systems, I always found a project that would give me a problem to solve, and then studied and learned until I could overcome it.

Python C Rust Java ASM Go SQL Bash Dart MATLAB Javascript/Typescript PHP HTML CSS

I believe that code quality is a very important aspect and always try to make clean and maintainable source code. Code reviews don't scare me: I enjoy reading what others write and learning their way to approach problems. Because of this I value software maintainability, and strive to produce solutions that outlive the problem they solve.

Git Linux vim coreutils RegEx nginx Wireshark nmap Arduino Docker Tensorflow PostgreSQL MongoDB LaTeX matplotlib numpy pandas Bootstrap MVC Angular Vue

I can manage infrastructure: since 2021 I have owned some cloud machines on which I installed and tweaked microservices, learning to both deploy applications but also administer Linux systems. I can manage traditional deploys but also containerized software. I selfhost almost everything I use!

Code Review Software Engineering Agile Requirements Analysis Software Design Software Lifecycle Problem Solving

I strive to be a team player: my struggles taught me to value relations with others and to put away my pride. I can own my mistakes and handle responsibility, but I also try to make everyone comfortable by praising or helping: humans perform best when made happy!