about me

alemi crash course: things you may find interesting about me



I make (and break) hardware and software

me in some bullet points:

  • always tinkering
  • endlessly curious
  • minimalist
  • anti-consumerism
  • love my bike
  • software engineer
  • not trusting any system
  • bad at music but still trying
  • space is awesome
  • emphatic
  • very shy
  • people pleaser
  • creative but not artistic
  • quite left leaning
  • 20 < age < 30
  • some form of queer
  • nd
  • can't write, expect many "I"s

check out my projects or some blog posts from the main menu

if you are (somehow?) interested in learning more about me, keep reading for a quick overview about my passions, skills and values

1| Contacts


Feel free to contact me on any of these channels:

  • email: me@alemi.dev -- for more formal or long inquiries
  • matrix: @alemi:alemi.dev -- for quick chats or questions
  • fediverse: @alemi@alemi.dev -- to share silly thoughts
  • github: @alemidev -- for collaborating or just exploring my code
  • webform: use the main page anonymous form to send me a quick message
  • keys: send me something confidential or verify my messages
  • PGP: view | copy | file
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2| Passions


Computers are fun, but I'm mostly interested in operating systems, embedded software, security and system design.

I love to challenge myself, and I'm always working on something (usually OSS, but I also do some hardware, check my git).

I'm a minimalist: I try to use only what I need and do the "plumbing" myself wherever I can. I really dislike waste!

I'm also very focused on efficiency and try to optimize all my workflows (from development to cooking).

I love Linux, all my local and remote machines run some flavor of it.

I work best with a terminal: shell automation is simple but powerful and less layers between me and the system makes troubleshooting easier.

Broken electronics don't scare me and I'll always look inside something before throwing it away

I designed some super simple boards and can somewhat solder circuits. Wiring projects is annoying but fun, feels like knitting!

I'm learning about radios and transmitting in general, but I'm still moving my first steps.

I'd really love a lab/workshop to experiment and create, and am slowly working towards that.

I'm a (very bad) musician: I like messing around with electronic instruments and sometimes making my own.

I'm just too shy to really produce anything myself, but I want to grow some courage and express myself eventually!

I built my own MIDI keyboard+sequencer, and while it's still not perfect I'm very proud of my design.

I also love consuming music: it can really change my mood! I listen to a lot of things, from The Beatles to Death Grips, and most things inbetween. Ask me about it! But never pass me the aux :3

I love forests and mountains, the sea is cool but hot and wet, I'll always pick a hike and camping over sunbathing and swimming.

I like exploring new places, be it in my city or while on a walk, I'm not shying away from "adventures"!

Visiting human sceneries is beautiful and acculturating, but nature sights are just breathtaking: no human craft can reach close to the world's complexity.

I love my bike, and try to go everywhere with it. Maybe someday even down hills? (:

I'm fascinated by the macroscopic and the microscopic, and I want to study more about it

I must know how things work, and our universe is a thing (maybe?), so I'm dying inside knowing that we don't know!

I loved physics during high school and again during university, and I want to study more someday. Did you know that separating quarks takes so much energy you end up creating new ones in the process? :) (well kind of!)

I messed a little with IBM quantum computers (well, simulations of), and was blown away by non-binary computing (and also the complexity, wtf does the pauli gate do???)

I'm always trying to learn something new, and I'll never be done.

3| Skills


I'm a software engineer, a tinkerer and a problem solver. I started developing ang maintaining my first software project in 2019, but I have been messing with computers since way before that!

Concurrent Programming Distribuited Systems Socket Programming Kernel Development Data Structures and Algorithms Solution Architect Cybersecurity Continuous Integration DevOps Microservices Deep Learning Machine Learning Cloud services Full Stack

I am constantly trying to improve my skills, learn new techniques and paradigms. Thanks to my curiosity, I could develop my experience in various IT fields: be it Machine Learning, Embedded Development, Backend, Cyber Security or Distribuited Systems, I always found a project that would give me a problem to solve, and then studied and learned until I could overcome it.

Python C Rust Java ASM Go SQL Bash Dart MATLAB Javascript/Typescript PHP HTML CSS

I believe that code quality is a very important aspect and always try to make clean and maintainable source code. Code reviews don't scare me: I enjoy reading what others write and learning their way to approach problems. Because of this I value software maintainability, and strive to produce solutions that outlive the problem they solve.

Git Linux vim coreutils RegEx nginx Wireshark nmap Arduino Docker Tensorflow PostgreSQL MongoDB LaTeX matplotlib numpy pandas Bootstrap MVC Angular Vue

I can manage infrastructure: since 2021 I have owned some cloud machines on which I installed and tweaked microservices, learning to both deploy applications but also administer Linux systems. I can manage traditional deploys but also containerized software. I selfhost almost everything I use!

Code Review Software Engineering Agile Requirements Analysis Software Design Software Lifecycle Problem Solving

I strive to be a team player: my struggles taught me to value relations with others and to put away my pride. I can own my mistakes and handle responsibility, but I also try to make everyone comfortable by praising or helping: humans perform best when made happy!

4| Values


I'f you reached this far be warned: these are my personal beliefs

I want to share these so that I can be kept accountable, but also to provide context to my ideas

My most felt values are fairness and respect, and I always consider the effect of my actions on others.

If I made you uncomfortable or unhappy, please let me know! I'm always trying to improve myself.

I am progressive and believe in individual freedom. I know that anyone could be dealing with struggles, and try to understand others before forming opinions.

I believe everyone should have bodily autonomy, which means both access to abortions and self-determination of gender.

There should no preferable marriage: who you live with is just your choice and every relationship should have access to the same rights.

I am aware of discriminating stereotypical tropes endemic in our culture and always try to express myself in ways respectful of everyone.

I realize the privilege coming from my skin color, and I know that almost every civilization was built and improved by migrants.

I oppose the patriarchal system and try to be a feminist, while continuing to educate myself more on the matter.

I hate consumerism and try to buy used. I learned to repair and try to keep my stuff alive as long as possible.

I care for the environment surrounding me: I try to leave every place I visit a little better than how I found it.

I despise waste in every form: food, water, energy, resources.

I believe in climate change and am terrorized about its impacts.

I hate cars and car-centric cities, even electric cars are a weak compromise and would rather see more trains.